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  • self-employed finances

    Creating a budget

    Written by Tom Sheridan

    Creating a budget is different when you are self-employed. If you are employed, you would normally receive weekly or monthly pay at a fixed amount and you would only have to budget for your own personal expenses. As your own…

  • Are the self-employed more vulnerable to debt?

    Written by Tom Sheridan

    As the number of self-employed people rises, we’ve taken a look at what that means for how they deal with debt.The number of self-employed people in the UK is rising. In fact, rocketing might be a better term. Data from…

  • Staying Afloat Whilst Self Employed

    Written by Tom Sheridan

    When in full-time employment, it’s easy to take certain things for granted; be it annual leave, sick pay or even the peace of mind from having money coming in on a regular basis. These benefits are especially useful when it…